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Bring Your Own Identity to Loyalsmith

Amy Bush

The very first sculpture I ever made was terribly executed and sophomoric: a duality themed cross with a sliding lid which revealed a woman's torso.  It was 1995, the time of third wave feminism, when I went to bed reading Camille Paglia and Naomi Wolf, delving into biographies of Zora Neale Hurston, Francoise Gilot, and Simone de Beauvoire. My final paper in this same year was entitled "Feminist: Elusive Identity"...of course!

Identity is an accumulation of characteristics and titles that can and should evolve as we learn and experience throughout our lives.  Currently my identity is as a quirky, stubborn, highly principled, creative person working within the constraints of single motherhood during a pandemic.

I've always had an urge to write and to create. I write in longhand with my writing paper doubling as a sketch pad or my sketch pad containing writing alongside drawings.  I have found that wire is a fantastic medium for recreating shapes drawn in the margins, those doodles that recur when deep in thought.  By the time a shape reveals itself to me as something I need to try to make it has a story that goes with it.  For example, the Exclamations came about as I was divorcing but feeling powerful. The Goddesses are a celebration of a body fully embraced.

Loyalsmith Jewelry offers something personal, something for the wearer- not for others.  Designs that are subtle and light, pretty while practical adornment for individuals whose identities are defined through living their own stories. 

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  • Amy—thoroughly enjoyed your perspective and journey. When I wear your artwork, I reflect the truth I hold: I am beautiful! Thank you, thank you!


  • This is great! Love hearing more of the stories behind your work. It’d be great to see pics in the blogpost too, to get the whole picture


  • Love it! Supporting you and your art, Amy!


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