Jewelry Care



Loyalsmith jewelry is deceptively simple in design, while made from a combination of Sterling Silver and 14/20 Gold-filled wire. Wherever the two metals meet is a solder point.  For example, the little houses have five pieces of metal, all filed on the ends and soldered together.  The oxidized metal is silver that has been painted with an acid, cleaned then buffed with wax.  No cast or die cut elements are used except for earring posts and necklace chain/clasps.

Care for Your Jewelry

‘Gold-filled’ is actually a layer of gold over a brass core, applied with heat and pressure.  The first number, 14, represents the karat of gold being used.  The second number, 20, represents the percentage of gold by weight.  This is a much longer lasting gold product than gold-plated items, which have a micro thin layer of gold at .05% of the total product. 

Please only use soft cotton cloth to polish your Loyalsmith jewelry.  If you do use a ‘loaded’ cloth, like Sunshine polishing cloths, only use it on the sterling silver never the gold-filled segments. 

All Loyalsmith jewelry is work hardened by being tumbled with steel shot for hours upon hours.  However, it is still pliable like a paperclip would be if enough force is applied.  For this reason it is not recommended that you sleep (nor swim nor bathe) in your Loyalsmith jewelry. 

If you are prone to shrugging or are picking up things like little kids all the time we recommend that you use rubber stops on your ear wires to prevent them from working their way out of your ear lobes.  A pair of stops is provided to you with your purchase.