From the Ground on Up

The pandemic brought me to my knees.  With no school or childcare as the world shut down, within our apartment I began to panic with my general anxiety going through the roof.

Focusing on the wellbeing of my child I found the strength and courage to get us better positioned to ride out the 2020-21 school year by moving from Columbia City, Seattle, to Camano Island.  Here I've found my footing, my child has begun to thrive again, and the cogs & wheels of this little business of mine slowly started turning again.  

The Camano Arts Association here on the island has introduced me to the creative support network I needed- other artists, some with children.  The Cama Beach Foundation has also provided manifold opportunities to immediately be involved in our new community.  My son's 5th grade school teacher became a good friend, welcoming us to visit her home on a blueberry farm where her own 5 children run amok.  Though we have to make an effort to see any of these people in our rural area, a sense of peaceful solitude has over-ridden loneliness.  

I'm standing once again, in fact leaping with joy in anticipation of what will come to be in the months ahead.  I hope very much that you, too, have your feet underneath you on solid ground.  

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